Faisal Zedan,

Is an Arabic Percussionist, an Arabic drummer and drum teacher. Born in Lebanon and raised in Syria. Faisal plays Derbakki, Riqq and frame drums from Arabic and Middle Eastern music genres. He teaches Arabic drumming traditions focused in Syria and Egypt. He has been teaching and performing a wide range of Arabic, Middle eastern, Central Asian and Eastern European music. He has been residing in California since 1991.


Drum Lessons

Derbakki class:
courses will focus on hand mechanics and correct positions. Exploring the different sounds of the drum and their relationship to each other. The course will provide a thorough breakdown of the relationship between the different parts of the hand and arm, starting with fingers, wrist, arm/elbow and shoulder. These courses will include beat breakdown, from basic form to more basic embellishments and rounding of the beats. Course will discuss the different approaches to learning and internalizing rhythmic patterns.

Riqq class:
These courses will focus on learning the different holding and playing positions of the Riqq, we will break down the three holding positions; skin playing, zills playing and frame playing, in addition to frame shaking and rolls using either Zills or frame for different kinds of rolls. We will cover the different systems involved in finger playing such as the traditional system and the modern system. We will cover the different styles of Riqq playing, between classical, pop and Belly Dance music.



We have chosen these music compositions to showcase the variety of rhythmic structures and meters that are popular in Arabic music.
Using the Derbakki, Riqq, Duhulla and frame drums to record all the compositions.


Faisal Zedan has been involved in teaching Arabic drums and rhythms since 1996. He disembarked on a journey to learn as much as possible the approaches to teaching the drums based on the older schools of Arabic music. In addition, Faisal has been working with many groups and individuals to preserve, perform and teach Arabic music, along with teaching about Arabic traditions and cultures. Making the drums the bridge to reach people of many other traditions and backgrounds.

Arabic percussion on going class

teaching Arabic drums as an ensemble

Online music podcast for Arabic music

An open invitation to discussing Arabic music issues

Arabic rhythm and Mizan

Discussing the importance of the Mizan principal in Arabic music and drumming

Upcoming Shows

This section will include live performances and workshop

faisal zidan with riqq

Our Tours

Ajyal Music Platform

Faisal collaborates with various artists from different music genres under the platform named Ajyal. In order to have a common platform for preserving and presenting Arabic and other music genres, Faisal created the Ajyal music platform. It will feature performances and collaborations with local musicians and visiting artists in the U.S and abroad. Ajyal is an Arabic word that means generations, it expresses the continuous efforts throughout the generations to preserve and perform musical traditions.

  • Hello Faisal, We met at Torrey and Joy's Halfla 2 years ago. Really looking forward to seeing you again and to hearing your amazing drums. Hope you will do a solo or two or a duet of drums.

    Don - Torrey's brother

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